Staying Smooth And Strong — Options In Concrete Resurfacing

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Owning a home can be one of the most rewarding achievements of anyone's life, but that reward is not without its challenges. Chief among those challenges is the responsibility of a homeowner to keep up with difficult maintenance. That maintenance relies on building a knowledge base that may seem obscure or difficult to understand for most people.

Concrete repair is one of the more specialized aspects of home maintenance, and when you're faced with filling in cracks or strengthening your surface, you need information. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the options available to you in concrete resurfacing. Using this information will keep your ground strong and your home secure for years to come.

Color Choices

Many people may not consider color variations in concrete relevant to the concrete's durability, but that is an extremely inaccurate opinion. In fact, choosing a color for your concrete surface that is best suited to your climate can go a long way in keeping your surface smooth.

Darker colored surfaces tend to retain heat and light surfaces reflect it. If you're located in a warm climate, heat retention can cause weakening of the concrete at a molecular level which leads to fractures and further damage. Similarly, you may want a dark surface that will retain heat from sunlight if you're concerned about icing conditions.

Pattern Possibilities

The pattern that you choose for your concrete surface also goes a long way in keeping your surface smooth. If your primary concern is keeping your vehicles secure or even providing a playing surface for you and your family, a smooth, ungraded surface is likely your best choice.

If, however, your concrete is susceptible to other risks, you may want to consider patterns that will encourage gentle water run off or provide additional texture that will allow your vehicles to gain more traction. Standing water can cause damage that will break down your surface and require consistent repairs, so creating runoff structures can be very important.

Color Flaking

In some cases, you may not require a complete redo of your surface and may not want to drastically change the color or texture of your concrete. Color flaking is a common technique for surfaces like garages and unfinished basements, as the strong, clear coat that is applied to hold the flakes in place will allow for more strength to be added. You can choose the color flakes that will best accent the look of your space, and be confident knowing that there won't be a significant disruption to the usage of your concrete.

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16 December 2014

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