Four Tips To Help You Keep Your Job Sites Secure From Theft And Reduce Losses

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If you are in the construction industry, losses due to theft can be a major cost to your business. Contractor businesses of all sizes lose money to theft, which is why you may want to have policies in place to reduce your losses. This can be things as simple as registering equipment with serial numbers, using storage containers and setting up job site surveillance.

If you want to reduce your losses due to theft, here are four things that you may want to consider:

1. Registering Large Equipment And Installing Tracking Systems

When you spend a lot of money on equipment, you will want to prevent it from being stolen. The first step is to have serial numbers installed on your equipment and register it with a police department. For large equipment like compressors, generators and machinery that can cost thousands of dollars, you may also want to consider having tracking systems installed to find your equipment when it has been stolen.

2. Using Temporary Fencing To Secure Job Sites For More Than Safety

Temporary fencing can be a great way to keep your job safe and keep unauthorized personnel out of the work area. This can reduce injuries and safety hazards; it can also help to reduce thefts by making it more difficult for someone to get access to equipment and materials. It is an affordable investment that you can make to reduce theft on your projects.

3. Storing Materials And Equipment In Lockable Containers

Just like fencing, you can also lock equipment and materials in storage containers. Many of the losses on job sites come from the theft of small materials and equipment. You can use storage equipment to secure materials and small equipment.

You may also want to keep an inventory of the materials you have in storage containers to know where materials are used and better control these small losses for your business.

4. Job Site Surveillance To Reduce Theft Of Materials And Tools

Theft can sometimes be hard to identify, but cameras do not lie. There are complete job site surveillance systems that you can use to add security to your jobs. The camera systems can also help you to identify problems and see the cause of problems if there is an injury or any major problems on your projects. Surveillance systems can help to keep your job sites secure and safe.

These are some of the things that you can do to reduce your losses due to theft on the job. If you need to have a place to store your materials and equipment, contact a provider of storage equipment to get what you need to keep your jobs safe and secure. To learn more, contact a company like Shelving Rack & Lockers Inc. with any questions you have.


19 January 2015

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