Wood Burning Stove Ban – What You Can Do To Prepare

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If you rely on a wood burning stove to heat your home during the long, cold winter, it is important that you learn about the ban that the EPA is pushing for. This ban will prevent homeowners from using wood burning stoves to heat their homes. The EPA claims that the smoke caused by wood burning is beyond the limits of the air quality standards that they have set.

So, what does this mean?

This means that older wood burning appliances will need to be replaced. The EPA claims that these older units emit far too much smoke, and are not as efficient as they should be to prevent air pollution. So, if you have a new, high-efficient wood burning stove, you have nothing to worry about unless you live in one of the areas that are pushing the ban even further. For example, if you live around Salt Lake City, Utah, the Department of Environmental Quality is pushing for a complete ban of wood and coal burning between November 1 and March 15.

Note: To learn if the ban will have an impact on your way of life, contact your local EPA office.

What can you do to prepare for the ban?

Although this ban has not been put into law as of yet, there are things you can do now to prepare for it. These steps include:

  • Replacing your older wood burning stove. Look for a stove that is high-efficient and is EPA approved. The sales person at your local dealership will be able to assist you in finding a model that will not be included in the ban.
  • Make home improvements. If you haven't done so already, now is the time to begin making improvements around your home that will make it more energy efficient. Insulate the attic and walls, install new windows, have an energy assessment completed and make any changes suggested by the assessor.
  • Consider the furnace in your home. How old is the furnace? When was the last time it was inspected and maintained? If your furnace is old, you may want to upgrade to a new, more efficient model. If this ban goes into place, you will need an affordable way to heat your home. Talk with your local HVAC technician about making changes to your home heating system to make it more efficient, so that you can heat your home without costing a small fortune.

At this point in time, the ban is not in effect. But, if you start acting now, the ban will not have such a significant impact on your way of life unless you live in one of the areas pushing for the full ban. Talk with your local HVAC technician (from MJM Mechanical) about beginning preparations today.


26 January 2015

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