How To Paint Exterior Stucco Walls With A Spray Gun


Painting your stucco exterior can be very time consuming. It is certainly more difficult than painting your interior walls. However, with a little direction you will be able to handle your own exterior paint job. This article will explain how to paint your exterior stucco.

Why Use a Paint Gun?

Painting your exterior is much easier if you use a spray gun. Painting stucco with paint brushes and rollers is time consuming because the surface is so rough. You often need to apply 3 or 4 coats to get ample coverage. With a spray gun you can get in between the crevices of even the roughest stucco quite easily.

What Prep Work Is Necessary?

If you do decide to use a spray gun to paint your exterior you will need to do  more prep work. A spray gun will produce a lot of overspray that can get all over the place. It can be especially problematic when painting exteriors because wind can worsen the overspray. However, with a little extra prep and masking, you can prepare any area for the paint job.

With large sheets of plastic you can cover trees, bushes, flowers and other bits of landscaping. The plastic is lightweight so it will not smash and kill your landscaping. You might want to cover your concrete walkways with construction paper. This paper is better than plastic on the floor because it absorbs spills and is more secure to walk on. Plastic on the concrete can be slippery and dangerous, especially if there is a paint spill. You should also use thin plastic to cover your windows and doors. Tape along the edges securely with painters tape.

How Do You Paint with the Gun?

Painting with a spray gun is easy with a little bit of practice. You might need a large piece of cardboard to use as scrap. Spray the gun onto the cardboard until the paint runs through the hose. Then, you can start to spray onto the walls. Use large strokes as you work along the wall. Try not to end your strokes in the same spot, or else the paint could look uneven when it dries. You want the nozzle to be about a foot from the wall as you are painting.

Painting your home exterior will be much faster and easier if you use a spray gun. You might need to spend extra time prepping the area, but you will save time in the long run. If painting a stucco wall on your own seems overwhelming, consider hiring a professional like Christopher Painting LLC


3 February 2015

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