Extinguishing Common Myths About Smoke Damage In The Home

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Once the flames have been extinguished and the remains of your home can be recouped and addressed, fire damage repair will not be your only concern. The smoke that billowed its way throughout the rooms in your house can leave an even bigger mess behind than the fire itself. Unfortunately, smoke damage comes along with a lot of conflicting advice from people you know, well-meaning professionals, and even informational sites online. Here are a few of the most common myths about smoke damage and the actual truths and facts behind them you can use to snuff them out.

Myth: As long as you get rid of your cloth furnishings, the smoke smell will be gone.

Fact: If you have ever stepped foot inside of a home that has been involved in a fire, you already know that the smell of smoke can be overwhelming. The odor will seem to saturate everything from clothes to carpet. However, just throwing out fibrous materials will not be enough to rid the home of smoke damage smells. The smoke smell can seep into wood, drywall, ventilation pipes. and even settle on light fixtures and electrical wiring.

Myth: Painting over smoke damage is the easiest way to eliminate the issue on walls.

Fact: The smoke that resulted from the fire will coat just about every surface inside of the home, especially the walls and ceilings. Unfortunately, a new coat of paint will not eliminate the smoke damage issue. Drywall is made of porous materials that will capture and hold onto the smoke particles and odor. It is not uncommon to see smoke-damaged walls show signs of damage well after the paint has been applied.

Myth: Smoke discoloration is easy to remove from glass with vinegar or ammonia.

Fact: Smoke can leave the windows of your home looking dark and discolored. With one quick Internet search, you can find all kinds of DIY remedies to get rid of this type of damage, most involving vinegar or ammonia. While both of these will do the trick to clean an ordinary piece of glass, you have to keep on mind that smoke-damaged glass is something else entirely. It has not only been exposed to discoloring smoke particles, but high temperatures related to the fire. This means that using some acidic-based cleaners and products will leave the glass looking yellowed even after it is cleaned.

When you take a look at the truth behind a lot of the misinformation you may get after a house fire, it is easy to see why so many people choose to go with professional fire damage repair. Make sure you do not let conflicting advice and misinformation lead you down a long road of smoke removal attempts that get you nowhere in the end.

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19 February 2015

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