What You Need To Know About Window Replacement

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Knowing when your windows need to be replaced can be hard. Many people go far too long without having the proper windows in their home. Here are a couple of commonly asked questions about window replacement and what you need to know to keep your window and home in great shape.

Why Do Windows Need To Be Replaced?

Replacing your windows is important for a variety of reasons. The first is that if you have old windows, your house is not properly insulated. This means that the air from the outside is passing through your windows and into the house. Thus, if you are heating your house, the heat is leaving through the windows and cold air is coming in. The problem with this is that not only will your house be uncomfortable, but you will pay enormous amounts in your HVAC bills. It will cost tons more to heat or cool your house.

Second, if your windows are older, they no longer protect your house. Thieves could break or remove a window far easier as it weathers and becomes compromised. For the safety of your family, your windows need to be steady and working well.

How Do I Know That My Windows Need Replacing?

There are many signs that your windows will need to be replaced. The first is that there is a noticeable draft. If you walk by the window and feel cold, then your window is no longer insulated. Second, if the window is hot or cold to the touch, it means that it is not longer working. Double panel windows shouldn't reflect the temperature outside. If they do, they are no longer insulated.

Another way to know is that there is condensation between the panes. This is a sign that the window is no longer sealed. And lastly, if the house has settled, you need to replace the windows, or at least have them refitted.

I Can't Afford to Replace The Windows Right Now, Is There Anything I Can Do?

There are some types of covering you can put over the windows to help them seal. These sealants are like saran wrap. You simply seal it over the window to help protect the house from the draft. You can also put up thick drapes and keep the drapes closed.

As for the safety of the windows, the only way to ensure that the windows are strong is to get new windows installed. Speak with experts like Gulf Coast Builders Inc for more information.


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