How To Prevent Ant Infestation In Your Residential Construction Site


Nobody likes moving into a new home and finding out that they have thousands of insect roommates. Keeping this in mind, you will want to find ant control that keeps many of these pests out of your construction site. There are a couple of different options, depending on what type of ants you are attempting to keep out of the home while it is under construction.

Controlling Carpenter Ants

These big, black, wood-chewing ants are a construction contractor's worst nightmare. Carpenter ants bore through wood, seeking to create ant roadways in the wood and places to store food and care for ant larvae. If your workers are consuming their meals onsite, keep the garbage cans far away from the construction to avoid attracting these ants. You can also use perimeter insecticides, sprinkling them around the property at the end of the work day. Since carpenter ants are more likely to invade after dark and when your crew has left the scene, the perimeter insecticides will protect the house in your crew's absence.

Controlling Pavement (Black) Ants and Pharoah (Red) Ants

Construction in the U.S. almost always upsets nests of these two types of ants. You can see both types running amok on the sidewalks and building nests in the yard. If they find a dark place inside your construction site and there is a constant supply of sweet, starchy or fatty food lying around, they will move in. Keeping food, wrappers, snack items and sweet drinks offsite will help prevent them from moving into the house. Once they take up residence in your building project, luring them back out is a lost cause. Fortunately, a little Borax or sweet baits is all you need to kill these pests.

Other Ants You Might Have a Problem With

In the Southern half of the U.S., construction crews may have to contend with fire ants. If this applies to you, you will want the colonies on the property exterminated before you even begin to excavate for a home's foundation. Fire ants are drawn to electricity and electrical boxes for some reason, so once the electrical wiring has been installed, this is where you may experience an invasion. Otherwise, these ants are just a nuisance and can cause a lot of pain and irritation if your workers disturb a mound. However, if your exterminator has already destroyed all the mounds in the area, then you will not have a problem with them.

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31 March 2015

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