Four Truly Natural Options For Giving Your Home A New Green Roof


So, that old asphalt shingle roof has reached the end of its life? Well, this means that it is time to have a roof replacement done for your home. Today, you can use many affordable roofing products on your home. Some of these roofing products are green roofing solutions, and in the case of materials like wood shakes, they are even made from renewable resources. If you want to have a green roofing replacement, here are some of your options:

1. Green Wood Roofing Shakes 

If you want to have a shingle roof that is made out of a material that comes from renewable resources, wood shakes are your solution. These materials are completely natural and can last for many decades with the proper care. They can also help provide extra insulation and energy savings for the roof of your home, and you can choose from a wide range of materials for you new roof, including cedar and oak shakes.

2. Thatch Roofing From Renewable Resources

Thatch roofing is another type of roofing that comes completely from natural resources. This is a tightly packed straw roof that can provide your home with a lot of insulation. It is ideal for wet and moist climates. Thatch roofing will provide your home with a lot of extra insulation to keep the heat in, which is why it is a good material to use in cooler climates. Thatch will not be ideal if you live in a dryer climate.

3. Earthen Green Roofs With Living Surfaces

Earthen roofs with plants on them are another great solution for a green roof on your home. They will require a heavy structure and a well-designed waterproofing membrane and drainage system installed on them. They can be planted with grasses, mosses, flowers and even vegetable gardens. This is a great way to give your home an energy efficient roof while adding green space to your property at the same time.

4. Natural Clay, Stone And Tile Roof Materials

Other natural materials to use for your roofing include clay, stone and tile roofing materials. These materials can often be recycled and will last for many years. These materials are a great solution for homes in dry climates where materials like thatch and shakes cannot be used. Like a living roof, these materials will also require a heavier structure to support the weight of the roofing.

Green roofs can give you the benefit of a durable roof, energy savings and materials that are friendly to the environment. If you want to have your asphalt shingles replaced, contact a roofing contractor (such as one from RSG Home Improvements LLC) and ask them about some of these solutions for a green roof replacement.


13 April 2015

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