Update Your Jewelry Store Lighting Today And Improve Your Store's Bottom Line

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Lighting is critically important in jewelry stores. The right lighting can actually improve the appearance of the merchandise and draw customers to the store.  By updating the lighting at your jewelry store, you can attract more customers, sell more products and save money on your store's electric costs. Below are just a few ways that the right lighting installation can improve your jewelry business's bottom line.

Switching to Energy Efficient Lighting Can Save On Utility Bills

Replacing your store's traditional incandescent lights with LED lights can save your store money in many ways. LED lights use only 20% to 25% of the energy used by traditional incandescent bulbs. LED lighting can also last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Considering that lighting expenses can make up as much as 25% of the store's total costs, savings of this magnitude can improve your store's profit margin by leaps and bounds.

LED lighting also produces less heat than incandescent bulbs. This means that in addition to the savings achieved by replacing the old bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs, LED lighting can save on HVAC costs. Cooler bulbs can lead to significant HVAC savings over time.

Updated Lighting Can Accommodate Your Store's Current Configuration

If you've updated the configuration of your store's cabinetry and displays any time in the last several years, the position of your store's original lighting may no longer make sense for your store's displays.

Proper overhead lighting is critical for viewing jewelry on the countertops. By updating your jewelry store's lighting, you can accommodate the current configuration of counters and items on display, ensuring that your customers are always able to see the jewelry they'd like to purchase.

Improved Lighting Can Draw In Customers and Lead to More Sales

Updating your store's lighting can improve the customer experience in your store in a way that leads to more sales and strengthens your customer base. Customers who can see your products in their true hues will be able to make a more informed decision as they purchase jewelry, which will lead your customers to have a more satisfying buying experience overall.

Customers who remain happy with their purchase over time are more likely to develop loyalty to your store. Improved lighting can also lead your customers to make impulse purchases as they shop at your store, which also leads to more sales.

For more information about how updated lighting can influence your store's bottom line, speak with a contractor with experience providing commercial electric services and updates, like those at Mike Currie Electric Inc. He or she will be able to talk to you about the best lighting options for your store.


28 April 2015

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