Can You Get A Free Windshield Replacement? Maybe So!

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Unfortunately, most people have to deal with some kind of windshield damage at some point. The way that you deal with the windshield damage depends on several different factors, one of the most significant of which may be the cost of the repair or replacement. In some cases, your auto insurance will pay for the repair or replacement of the windshield, at least partially. However, this depends on a couple of factors. Keep reading to find out whether you can get a new windshield for free from your insurance provider!

When Your Standard Car Insurance Will Cover It

In some limited cases, your standard car insurance will pay for a new windshield. The main situations in which you can get a new windshield, or at least a windshield repair, are those that involve collision. If you were involved in an auto collision and your vehicle windshield has any level of damage, your insurance policy will typically cover the repair or replacement.

The collision circumstances are not limited to vehicle collisions. Many other collisions can cause windshield damage, for example a collision with a deer or a collision with a electrical pole. As long as you have collision coverage, something that is included in most standard insurance policies, you can get a new windshield or a windshield repair in these situations.

When a Glass Rider Will Cover It

If you are not certain how the windshield was damaged, or if it happened in a non-collision situation, your standard insurance policy typically will not cover the cost of a new windshield or windshield repair. However, some people elect to add a glass rider to their policy, something which will give you the necessary glass coverage. 

A glass rider will add a small extra cost to your policy every month, but it will allow you to get the windshield coverage that you need in nearly any situation. Even if the glass damage is entirely your fault, your glass rider will make sure that you can get a new windshield or a repair for the damaged windshield.

You may be surprised at just how easy your insurance company makes it to get the glass repair you need. Insurance companies recognize that drivers need an unimpeded view to stay safe on the road. The better you can see, the less likely you are to be in an accident. This is better for both your and the insurance company's bottom line. You can usually get the new windshield that you need very easily, so talk to your insurance agent about it today!

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24 June 2015

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