Best Products And Methods For Cleaning Tile Grout

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Tile cleaning is tricky business, especially when the grout between the tiles become stained or moldy (as it is often does). Many homeowners waste hours trying to get their tile and grout clean. These tips will help you clean your tile and grout once and keep it clean.

Best Way to Clean Standard Stains on Tile and Grout

In many cases, the best product to remove stains from tile grout is oxygen bleach—a non-toxic, color-safe chemical that will remove stains without bleaching the tiles or grout itself, and without producing harsh fumes in your home.

To clean your grout stains, mix a solution of oxygen bleach and warm water. If you're tackling an extra difficult stain, you can also mix in some lemon juice with the solution.

Once the cleaning solution has been made, spray it on the grout and then use a plastic brush (or toothbrush) to scrub the grout clean. If you have an old electric toothbrush on hand, this tool will help you clean the grout without putting in a lot of effort.

Scrub the grout in little circular motions instead of back and forth to ensure that the brush is doing its job thoroughly. Repeat this process until the grout and tile looks completely clean.

Best Way to Remove Hard Water Stains from Tile

Tiles around the edge of your sink and bathtub faucet may become stained with hard water over time. The method above will remove standard stains and even mold, but it won't remove hard water stains. The best way to get rid of hard water stains is with vinegar, because it's mildly acidic. Left on hard water stains for a period of time, vinegar will start to eat away at the mineral deposits and loosen the stains.

To treat hard water stains, soak paper towels in white vinegar, and lay the paper towels down over the tile. Leave the paper towels for about half an hour, then come back and wipe down the surface of the tile with a damp sponge. Dry off the tiles to see if the hard water stains remain. If the hard water stains are still there, soak the stains in vinegar again and come back after another half an hour. Continue this process until the stains are gone.

Note that vinegar can etch polished stone tiles like marble or granite. To be on the safe side, only use this method to clean ceramic tiles. To clean polished stone tiles, seek a stone cleaner from an authorized stone dealer.

For more information, or to get help with stubborn stains, contact a tile cleaning service in your area.


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