How Do You Keep A Wool Carpet Clean?

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If you've always had synthetic carpets before, you might have some questions about caring for your new wool carpet. Indeed, there are a few differences between the proper cleaning methods for wool and synthetic carpets, and mistakes made when cleaning wool could lead to shrinkage or frayed, fluffy fibers. Following these cleaning tips will ensure your wool carpet stays clean – and in good shape!


The fibers in wool carpets are closer together than those in synthetic carpets. This means that dust and debris that accumulates on the carpet does not work its way deep into a wool carpet. Vacuuming with the brushes set on the highest level will effectively remove the dust and debris. Don't set them lower, as you would with a synthetic carpet. This is not necessary, and running the brushes deeper into the carpet could give your carpet a frayed, disheveled look over time.

Cleaning Up Spills

If you're used to synthetic carpets, which tend to absorb liquids really quickly, you may be surprised how comparatively easy it is to clean up spills on wool carpets. Wool is naturally coated in a lipid called lanolin, which causes liquid to bead up on its surface. If you catch a spill quickly, you can likely blot it up with some towels without it leaving any trace.

In the case that a spill does leave a mark, clean up the stain with a product made just for wool carpets. Typically, the instructions on the bottle will tell you to spray the stained area from the outside in, let it sit, and then blot up the liquid with a clean towel. Do not use stain removers made for standard carpets; they may  remove the dye from your wool or cause it to shrink.


Since wool does not let debris sink into it and does not hold onto spills, you don't need to have it shampooed like you would a synthetic carpet. In fact, shampooing could cause the carpet to shrink since it exposes it to so much water. Instead, have a professional carpet cleaner deep-clean your wool carpet every year to two years. Professionals have low-water or no-water methods that will remove any lingering debris or odors from the carpet without getting it too wet.

Wool carpets are a great choice if you don't want to spend a lot of time and money on maintenance. From vacuuming to shampooing, every aspect of maintaining a wool carpet is less demanding than caring for a synthetic one.

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21 August 2015

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