4 Exterior Paint Tips To Add Value To Your Home

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Curb appeal is an important factor whether you're renting or selling your home. People aren't going to come flocking to check out the inside of a house with an outdated or dilapidated exterior. Painting is also usually the last step in construction, which often makes it the most haphazard and rushed part of the process. Here are a few tips to help you keep the outside looking fresh and clean with just a simple coat of paint.

Type of Paint - The type of paint you choose, be it oil or latex, will have pros and cons like anything else. Perhaps the biggest selling point of latex paints are the fact that they clean up easily with soap and water and possess a low odor. Oil based paint is preferred by professionals, however, because it's stain resistant, and also due to its smooth application. Latex paints tend to dry more quickly, which is something to consider especially if you have small children, as they often refuse to believe the paint is wet unless they touch it.

Roller or Brush? - Both! The application process is tedious when it comes to painting, especially the exterior of your home, so a roller is the obvious choice in this situation. However, it's important to remember there will be nooks, crannies, and crevices that a roller simply will not reach. It's important to have good quality brushes and rollers; this will keep the strokes smooth and the application much easier. A cheap brush will lose its bristles in the paint, leaving them behind, stuck into the wall.

Prime - It's vital to remember to prime the house before painting. The metal primer will keep the nails and screws in your house from rust, which gets down to the paint, causing discoloration. Primer also provides a nice surface to be painted. If you are doing a new construction you probably will not need to prime, but most houses will be inconsistent as far as texture goes, so priming can be very important.

How You Paint Matters - It may seem insignificant, but how you paint also matters. Remember to start at the top and work your way down--this will save you from having to go back over drips or spills. Keep an eye on the weather and make sure there's no chance for rain or for the temperature to interfere with the drying, especially of glossy sheen paints.

Painting your home yourself may seem like a daunting task, but it's really just a more complicated version of painting a room. Don't be afraid to play with accent colors, like the colors of your shutters, front door, or fascia. They may say, "Never judge a book by its cover," but a house is most certainly often judged by its exterior. Give your house the best advantage; really take care of the exterior and give it a facelift.

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5 September 2015

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