Four Tips To Combine Sprinklers And Drip Irrigation To Water Your Landscaping

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If you want to have greener solutions to water your lawn, your irrigation systems may need updating. You can do things like combine drip irrigation with traditional sprinklers and add smart controllers. In addition, you may want to consider adding rain collection or grey water irrigation systems. Here are some tips to help you make your sprinkler system more efficient by combining different irrigation solutions:

1. Choosing The Best Areas To Use Sprinklers

There are many places of your landscaping where sprinklers are not a practical irrigation solution. This is because they spray water and a lot of it is wasted. Choosing the best areas for sprinklers can help reduce water consumption and the cost of your irrigation system. You may want to only install sprinklers in large grass areas with direct sunlight.

2. Reducing Water Consumption With Drip Irrigation

Wherever you do not use sprinklers, you will need to use other irrigation solutions. Drip irrigation can be used for areas where you do not have lawn, such as flower beds. It can also be good for small grassy areas with plenty of shade. Drip irrigation can greatly reduce the cost of watering your landscaping. Drip irrigation pipes can even be installed beneath your lawn to reduce water waste of traditional sprinkler.

3. Adding Rain Collection To Your Landscaping Irrigation

If you really want to reduce your water consumption, you can add rain collection systems. If the tank for these systems is located above the drip irrigation piping, the system will not even need to have a pump. The drip system can be completely gravity fed to help make your irrigation system more efficient. These systems can also have valves installed to connect them to your control panel.

4. Direct Irrigation Solutions With Grey Water Recycling

The water from the appliances in your home can also be used to irrigate your landscaping. You can recycle grey water in your home to directly water your lawn. These systems can be installed in your home by just making a few changes to the plumbing drains connected to any appliances in your home. You can also add a storage tank to collect grey water for use with your irrigation systems.

These are some tips to help you get the most out of your landscaping irrigation. If you are ready to incorporate some of these ideas into your irrigation systems, contact a sprinkler service (like Heads Up Sprinkler Systems) and talk with them about helping you with your project.


27 October 2015

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