Learn How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal In Good Working Order

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If you are like most homeowners, you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. This garbage disposal can be a very helpful appliance, but it can also cause you problems if you don't take proper care of it. This article will educate you on maintaining it and what you can do if you begin experiencing problems with it.

Routine maintenance

In order to keep your garbage disposal working, you want to make sure you prevent it from getting damaged by food particles that can get trapped in the moving parts. This can cause them to cease moving, or the blades can become chipped. This requires you to completely clean the disposal side of your sink on a weekly basis.

You can clean it by pouring a fair amount of white vinegar directly into the drain. Then, take a box of baking soda and pour a bit into the drain. This will cause a reaction where foam will fizz in the drain and you may see a good amount of it come up into the sink. Allow the mixture to do its job for a few minutes or so, then turn on the warm water and turn the disposal on for a minute.

The foaming reaction made by the white vinegar and baking soda will push free those small particles that have become lodged in the parts of the disposal. After you clean the disposal using this method, you should grind up a few ice cubes which helps further scrub the blades and keeps them sharp.

Troubleshooting the disposal

If your disposal has a grinding sound when you turn it on then you want to turn it off immediately. This means there is something caught in it. Turn the power off to the disposal and use a pair of pliers to reach down the drain and remove the object.

If you go to use the disposal and it makes a humming noise, then it means it needs to be reset. To reset it, climb underneath the sink and look on the bottom of the disposal's canister which is connected to the bottom of the sink. You should see a small red reset button. When you push the red button, it will make a small clicking sound and go back in place. This will cause the garbage disposal to work again.  

Remember to not put anything down it you shouldn't, such as bones, egg shells, pasta, oil and grease. If you need professional help, contact a plumber in your area.


21 January 2016

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