Medicine Cabinets: Which Style Works Best For Your Home's Design?

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Medicine cabinets have been around for years, some of them being just plain wooden or metal boxes attached to the wall to serve the one purpose: to hold bottles of aspirin, boxes of bandages and other first aid items. In the past, a medicine box was more like a glorified first aid kit rather than a functional decorative addition. However, today, many styles of medicines are available for you to choose from, each one offering the same storage functionality.

Vintage Medicine Cabinets Offer Nostalgic Design

The bathroom in a home that boasts antiquity and times past, you want to avoid adding anything that interrupts that design. For example, if your bathroom has an old claw foot tub and has cabinets reminiscent of years back, you do not want a modern style medicine cabinet. Vintage medicine cabinets can be made of wood and painted to match your bath's color scheme or they can be stained to look older than they are. Some vintage medicine cabinets are the original styles fashioned out of metal that have been restored to offer greater style and durability. The key to choosing the best vintage style medicine cabinet for your bathroom is to select one that matches the decorative design you already have going on, especially if that design is from a particular time period.

Contemporary Cabinets For A Modern Bath

When it comes to modern medicine cabinet designs, you have a lot to choose from. One of the choices you will need to make for most modern styles is whether you want your cabinet to be recessed into the wall or not. Keep in mind that installing a recessed medicine cabinet may limit your options for its placement because it will need to put in a wall where there is no hidden wiring. However, recessed medicine cabinets can add a sleek look and appear as though they are simply mirrors. For the bath that has dual sinks, you might consider a dual style medicine cabinet with shelving built between them over the sinks for even greater functionality.

Medicine Cabinets Are Not Just For The Bathroom

You do not have to limit the use of a stylish medicine cabinet to just your bathroom. In fact, these kinds of cabinets can be handy in your kitchen for holding spices or in your craft room for holding spools of thread or tubes of paint. Whichever room you decide to add a medicine cabinet, always be sure to select on that best fits into that room's design for tying in a continuous, smooth decorative flow. For example, if your kitchen has oak cabinets, be sure to select a medicine cabinet for your spices that is also fashioned from similar oak. For a craft room, a plastic medicine cabinet could be your best choice if you need to keep it wiped clean of paint fingerprints from the kids.

Medicine cabinets can be a wonderful addition to your home, especially when they fit into your decorative patterns and designs.


28 January 2016

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