Tips For Using A Masonry Saw To Install Quartz Tiles On Your Home's Kitchen Counters

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If you would like to replace the builder grade laminate countertops in your home with quartz countertops but the high cost and professional-only installation requirements keep them out of your budget, then you will be happy to learn that you can install quartz tiles yourself instead. Quartz tiles have the same damage and heat resistant properties that you like in a quartz counter, but they are small enough to lift, cut, and install yourself using a rented wet masonry saw. If you have never used this type of power tool before, you can rest assured that by following these tips you will install your quartz tiles safely and with professional quality results:

Buying Your Tiles All from the Same Dye Lot Number

Since quartz tiles and slabs are manmade out of ground up quartz stones and epoxy binder, colorants are added to create a wide variety of different colors and designs on the tiles. Since the color is not naturally occurring in the tiles, you need to check and make sure that each box of quartz tiles that you purchase are from the same dye lot number. This number will be recorded on the side of the tile's box, and by choosing boxes that are from the same dye lot, you will ensure that all of your new tiles identically match each other in their color.

Rent a Professional Wet Masonry Saw with An Appropriate Blade

Quartz tiles are hard and require that you cut them on a professional size wet masonry saw, often called a "tile saw" for short. Cutting quartz on a tile saw requires that you rent a saw that is big enough to accommodate their larger size and use a blade rated to cut through their durability. Quartz tiles need to be cut using a blade that is rated for very hard stones, such as granite and slate. Using the wrong blade in your rented saw will result in longer cutting times, jagged edges on your tiles, and overall frustration on your part as you cut.

Level The Blade in Your Rented Tile Saw Before Cutting Tiles

When you rent your tile saw, make sure to ask the rental agent how you can adjust the blade. Use a machinist's level to ensure that the blade is perfectly perpendicular to the cutting surface. If the blade is not perfectly aligned, then it will leave excessive blade marks in your new quartz counter top tiles and will chew through a thicker layer of the tiles.

Finally, you must use your rented tile saw outside as it will kick out a lot of water as you cut.


6 April 2016

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