4 Reasons Why You Should Keep The Roof Over Your Head Clean


If your roof has seen its better days, it is time to get out there and clean it. It can be difficult to see if there is damage to the roof if it is covered with debris and gunk. You may find your roof is not in as bad of shape as you thought. There are also other reasons why you need to keep your roof clean, four of which are listed below.

Saves Money

A brand new roof can cost anywhere between $1,200 up to $120,000 dollars if you hire a roofing contractor to install it for you. What you will end up paying depends on many factors, such as the size of your roof, the type of shingles you choose, and how many slopes are on your roof. You can spend zero amount of money if you clean your roof on your own. If you find your roof does need to be repaired once you get it clean, repairing it will cost you much less than a new roof.

Adds Curb Appeal

Having a roof that is covered with moss, dirt, or black stains is an eyesore and can take away from your home's curb appeal. Once you get it clean, your roof can look brand new again. If you have not replaced your gutters in some time, this would be a good time to install some seamless gutters to give your roof a streamlined look.

Lasts Longer

If you leave leaves on your roof, this will keep moisture from the rain and snow on the surface of the roof. Over time, this moisture will ooze down into the roof and into the materials below, as well as down into your attic. Whatever item becomes wet will weaken. If you only have a few leaves, they will simply blow off, but a lot of leaves that are moist will stay on the roof. Keep an eye on this, especially during the fall months. Use a leaf blower or a broom to remove the leaves. It will last even longer if you put a roof coating on the roof. This coating will protect the roof from the elements. For more information about roof coatings, contact Stetson Painting or a similar company.

Helps You Sell

If you are planning to sell your home in the future, a clean roof can help make it sell faster. Because this can be a big expense, this is a benefit to potential buyers. It also makes your house look much better. When they pull into your driveway, the potential buyers immediately look at the exterior of your home, including the roof.


16 June 2016

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