Check The Chemicals In Your Hot Tub Regularly

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If you have a hot tub, you should know how to do some basic maintenance. Knowing how to do some basic maintenance will keep your hot tub ready for you whenever you want to soak. One of the things you need to do quite regularly is to check the chemical balance in your hot tub. The chemicals make sure that there is no algal growth or any other nasties lurking in the water. 

Testing Your Chemicals

Testing the chemicals in your water is easy. What you need to do is go to a hot tub store or home improvement store and get test strips. These strips will let you test the chemicals and the pH of your hot tub. You dip it in the water for just a moment or two. When you pull it back up, the strip should've changed colors. The colors will tell you if the water is in balance or not. You can match the various colors on the test strip box. Once you know what chemicals are needed, it's time to start adding them. 

Adding the Chemicals

You only want to add one chemical at a time. That will let you monitor the changes and adjust as needed. Make sure that you keep the water running so that the chemicals mix through all the water. If you are worried that you may throw the balance off, you can check the water balance after you add in each chemical. You don't want to do it immediately after adding the chemical because it won't have had time to disperse through the water. You should wait a few minutes before you test or add in any new chemicals. That way there are no bad interactions between the chemicals and each has its chance to do their job without completely overwhelming everything else. 

Shock Your Hot Tub

After you have added in all the other chemicals, you are going to want to shock your tub. That will make sure that any waste from all the people who have come into your hot tub has left. The waste is generally things like oils and skin cells. 

Maintaining the chemicals in your hot tub will make sure that you are ready to use it whenever you want. You can check the chemicals frequently and add new chemicals as needed, and you should be able to use your hot tub whenever you want. For assistance, talk to a professional like Kaupas Water.


16 June 2016

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