Grease Trap Cleaning ~ What Every Restaurant Owner Should Know

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Do you own a restaurant? Perhaps you are about to open one. Either way, you need to be aware of a few things that are related to grease trap cleaning. A number of restaurant owners mistake some things pertaining to grease traps, and these misunderstandings could negatively impact their businesses. The consequences could be something as minimal as rancid odors from stale grease, or it may lead to a more serious situation such as grease build-up blocking sewer lines and causing a raw sewage spill. 

Cleaning Intervals

You may be under laws in your city to have the grease trap cleaned at certain intervals. This means that you should not try to go longer than what the laws state based on the premise that your grease trap is working correctly and is not in need of cleaning. For example, you may feel that the law is too strict and that grease traps should be cleaned twice a year, but you may be legally bound to have it completed every three months.

Minimize Odors 

It is possible for a grease trap to have a foul odor before it is time for it to be cleaned. You can minimize odors by investing in a gasket to cover the drain. Refrain from using a sealant around the drain unless a professional tells you to apply one. This is because sealants may make the gasket difficult to remove. If the gasket does not fit satisfactorily, a professional may be able to locate the correct size. 

Professional Services

It is important to use a grease trap cleaning contractor as a resource. Attempting to do the cleaning yourself or leaving it to employees to do can result in negative consequences. Another reason that professional intervention should be sought is that the professionals will utilize the appropriate disposal techniques, which can minimize environmental issues that may be caused by improper disposals.

Proper Record Keeping

It is important that you keep records of grease trap cleaning dates. This will help you to know when the service was last done and when it is expected to be needed again. Record keeping will also protect you if there is a plumbing related issue that arises and causes damages. For example, your restaurant location may be located in an area where several other restaurants are located. If there is a sewer issue, it may be necessary to try to determine which restaurant may have contributed to the grease issue that caused the sewer problem. Ensure that the contractor fills out paperwork and provides you a copy for your documentation. In some jurisdictions, non-compliance with grease trap cleaning may be in violation of board of health codes, which could lead to sanctions.

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