Moving Offices: Mailing And Moving The Right Way


Moving your company is more than a challenge; it can mean protecting equipment and shipping sensitive data to new locations. Packing right and choosing the right shipping method can help. 

Preparing Your Items for Shipping

Preparing your items to be shipped is the first step. Discs filled with data, paperwork, and other files may need to go to an entirely new location, and shipping can be the best method. Begin by boxing up the paperwork and discs you want to send. Seal these boxes or envelopes well, and add a shipping label that is easy to read. This will help prevent the items from being lost in the mail. 

When you mail these items, ship them through the United States Postal Service or another reputable agent. You'll want to request tracking numbers for each item you mail to the new office. That way, if anything gets lost, the postal service should be able to track and locate your mail. 

Why is it better to ship these items? 

  • Consider how quickly the mail can arrive at the new location. You can overnight documents to people already working in the new office so they'll be there when you arrive. 
  • You don't need to stuff a moving truck full of boxes of paperwork if they're shipped instead. 
  • The mailing service does the heavy lifting for you, moving boxes and taking on liability if those items get lost. 

What to Do About Items That Can't Be Shipped

There will always be items that can't be shipped. Here are a few examples:

  • Office furniture like desks, filing cabinets, or bookcases won't ship well unless flat packed. Even then, the cost is prohibitive. 
  • Lighting, desk accessories, and office supplies are easier to pack and move than to mail. 
  • Large area rugs, oddly-shaped items, and heavy items can't be shipped without spending tens to hundreds of dollars. 

For these items, the only real option is to hire a moving company or vehicle. Commercial moving companies are familiar with moving office equipment and furniture, so they're beneficial. The workers understand how to move equipment like copiers or computers to prevent damage, and they are also outfitted with the gear necessary to move heavy items like hardwood furniture or metal cabinets. Best of all, most of these companies have the tools needed to move items from your office here to the new office in your new location without you ever having to lift a finger. 


5 August 2016

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