Custom Trusses For Custom Roofs: Are They Legal? And Other Questions Answered

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Roofs of all kinds are designed by architects, but it is up to construction contractors like yourself to make custom roofs a reality. Sometimes you need custom trusses that cannot be made or purchased at the local hardware store. Can you make them yourself on site? Are custom trusses legal? These questions about custom trusses, roofing, and more are answered below.

Custom Trusses and Legal Issues

Yes, to a certain extent, custom trusses are legal. However, they do have to be designed first by a structural engineer, and then manufactured in a plant that produces custom trusses based on the engineer's specifications. The custom trusses then have to pass building codes and an inspection before they are installed on a home or business. Generally, you cannot construct your own custom trusses on-site, even if you are building your own home or your own office space. The dangers involved, combined with the fact that the trusses may not pass the final inspection, are the reasons for disallowing on-site customization of trusses. Likewise, if you have construction issues with a truss that refuses to fit with the plans and the dimensions you are given, you have to send it back to the manufacturer to correct the problems.

Exceptions to the Rule

Like most rules, there is almost always an exception. If an engineer designs the custom trusses, and the manufacturer produces the pieces but cannot ship them as completed trusses, then you may assemble the trusses once you receive them. You do have to use the parts that were sent, and you cannot deviate from the plans. This may occur whenever you have a complicated custom roof, and the trusses for it cannot be shipped easily as requested or when they are fully assembled.

Another exception is in regards to repairing a custom truss and custom roof. It may take some time for the roof to wear out or for the trusses to experience any sort of problem, and the warranty on the craftsmanship will have probably expired by then. That said, the custom truss that needs repair is not restricted to the same rules that are attached to construction and installation of these trusses. In the event that your business lasts longer than the roof that you construct and/or install, it is perfectly okay for you to repair the roof on your own. 

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