Major Carpet Cleaning Blunders To Avoid As A Homeowner


Even though there are an array of professional carpet cleaning companies pretty much anywhere and they are really affordable, a lot of homeowners still try to tackle carpet cleaning on their own. The only problem with this is that cleaning your carpet on your own involves a lot of room for error that could compromise both the appearance and lifespan of your flooring. Here is a brief look at a few of the biggest DIY mistakes homeowners tend to make when attempting to clean their own carpeted flooring.

Blunder: Using a lot of water when cleaning the carpet and expecting it to air dry. 

Why? If you prefer to clean your carpet the old-fashioned way with a wet cloth or towel, there is definitely a risk of getting too much water on the carpet. However, a lot of traditional carpet cleaners you pick up at the store distribute a large volume of water during operation and most don't have enough suction power to pull the water back out of the fibers. You may assume that the carpet will just eventually air dry, but what really happens is a lot of that water just seeps into the carpet padding beneath where mildew can take root quite easily.

Blunder: Using brisk scrub brushes to scrub away stains. 

Why? Carpet fibers are made of a lot of different materials, from wool to synthetic fibers, which means some carpet can be rather delicate and damaged easily if you scrub too hard. Plus, a lot of carpet is constructed in a looped fashion, meaning individual strands of yarn-like fibers are looped back into the structure mat. When you scrub briskly at these looped fibers, you could pull the loops loose from their base, which will leave long strings hanging out from the surface level of the rest of the carpet.

Blunder: Treating all stains the same no matter what caused them.

Why? Stains can come from a lot of things, whether it is your pets, muddy feet, spills or otherwise. One thing just about any professional carpet cleaner will tell you is not every stain is created equally, so not every stain should be treated the same. For example, pet stains don't always respond well to typical detergents, but will respond pretty good to steam because of the high temperature that can work to release trapped-in stain particles in the carpet's fibers. Using the wrong concoctions to clean stains from your carpet can be a waste of time, but also can exacerbate the stain itself.

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27 December 2016

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