Odor Issues Leaving Your Clothing In A Funk? Check Out These Potential Problems With Your Washing Machine

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Splished and splashed, washed and spun, rinsed and repeated–after all of this, you fully expect your clothing to smell great once it comes out of the wash cycle. Unfortunately for some washing machine owners, fresh is the last thing that comes to mind when their clothing comes out of the cycle. In fact, the odor coming from their clothes is pretty rank. If your clothing smells like some kind of funk after a trip through the washer, there is a pretty good chance something down and dirty is going on. Here is a quick look at a few of the most common culprits for a super-smelly washing machine. 

You have icky gross stuff trapped beneath the agitator. 

The agitator at the center of the washing machine sits just high enough off of the base of the washer tub to allow free movement. While this is an effective design, some washers are especially prone to having crud make its way into this narrow space and get trapped, which can lead to a pretty smelly problem over time. Pop off the agitator if you can (it's usually held in place with just a few screws or just slips over a bar at the center) and clean out from under it. 

There is mildew growing behind the tub of the washing machine. 

Mildew growth behind the tub of a washing machine can and does happen. This is a dark, dank place that will probably never see the light of day and often gets left for days in moisture, which is the perfect environment for mildew development. This mildew is especially hard to see without disassembling the washer and pulling out the main tub, which is a project better left to professionals for sure. But, if indeed there is mildew and mold growing here, eliminating it will be the only way to stop the odors. 

Your washing machine is not agitating the clothes during the rinse and wash cycles as it should. 

In some cases, particularly with older model washing machines, the gear that turns the agitator back and forth during wash cycles starts to break down. This means that the agitator starts to lag when it is supposed to be freely swishing back and forth to move the water inside of the wash tub. To diagnose this issue, trick the washing machine into thinking the washer lid is closed during a small cycle by holding down the lid compress. You will get to watch the agitator in action. If the agitator is barely moving, it means your clothes are hardly getting cleaned at all and your machine will need some work from a washer repair professional.


27 December 2016

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