Tips And Insight To Help You Successfully Paint Your Home's Interior


Painting a room in your home can be an easy way to change the look of the room. But applying paint onto the wall is not simply a process of slapping paint onto the wall, but requires some proper steps and techniques to make it look nice. Here are some tips to help you successfully paint the interior of your home.

Prepare the Area

One of the first things you should do in preparation for painting a room is to remove the furniture from the room or at least away from the walls, and also remove pictures and wall decor. Then, with the walls free to work on, you will need to clean them with a cleaning solution to remove grease from fingerprints, and other debris. Use a mixture of warm water and several squirts of liquid dish soap and a sponge or a rag to wipe the walls clean. This ensures the new paint will adhere smoothly onto the wall.

Be sure to clean all the wall's surfaces, as dust can and usually will build up upon your wall. Even though the wall is a vertical surface, dust can build up over time and leave a find layer on them. If you are painting the kitchen walls, it is recommended to use a trisodium phosphate cleaner to help remove the build-up of grease on the walls from cooking.

Next, lay down drop cloths over the floors around the edges of the room to help catch accidental paint drips and spills. Keep in mind that even the most careful painter will still have inadvertent drops of paint flip from the brush and roller, and you don't want them permanently applied on your floor.

Painting the Wall's Edges

Applying masking tape to help keep your paint within the surfaces you want to be painted is not always the best method to accomplish this. If you don't press the paint firmly against the wall, or if you have a textured wall, the tape can allow paint to seep beneath its covering and cause drips and runs onto your protected surfaces. And, if you let the paint dry before removing the masking tape, the tape can pull off your newly applied paint.

Instead, you can use a painting technique professional painters use all the time, and save you a lot of prep time with skipping the application of masking tape. Get a good angled paint brush from a paint store and fill the brush with paint. Practice cutting in with the edge of the brush's bristles to apply a straight and smooth line of paint onto your wall.

You may want to skip your caffeine for the day to help prevent your hand from shaking and keep a steady hand. Use this method to cut into corners, above edging and below ceilings and crown molding. Keep a wet rag nearby to immediately wipe up any accidental areas of over-application.


20 September 2017

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