Common Problems Your Well Pump May Experience

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Submersible pumps are extremely common ways of extracting the water from a well. When one of these pumps encounters a serious problem, it could cause your home to lose its source of water. Unfortunately, there can be a number of problems that these pumps will experience that can prevent them from being able to provide your home with water, and you will want to know more about some of the more common reasons that the pump may fail.

Electrical Issues

A submersible well pump will require a sizable amount of electricity to function. To regulate the flow of electricity, the pump will utilize a series of fuses or circuit breakers. Often, an electrical surge can trip these devices, which will stop the electricity from reaching the pump. If you have found that your pump is not turning on, these fuses or breakers may be the first thing that you want to check. For homes with systems that use fuses, it can be a wise idea to keep a few spare fuses in the home so that you can quickly replace this part of the well pump system if it fails.

Low Well Water

One of the more serious problems that a water well will experience is a low water level. This can occur due to temporary factors, such as drought. However, it may also indicate that your underground source of water has been permanently lowered. When this occurs, the level may drop too low for the pump to be able to function. A key warning sign that your system has encountered this problem will be dirt or silt in the water that the system pumps from the ground. The only option for addressing a well that has experienced a permanent decrease in water level will be to either drill the well deeper or move it to another site.

Malfunctioning Sensors

To be able to provide your home with water as rapidly as possible, these systems will store water in a tank. As you use the water in this tank, a series of sensors in the tank will measure the decreasing water level and activate the pump to replenish it. If these sensors malfunction, the pump may not activate to replenish the water that has been used by the home. Once the water in the storage tank is depleted, your home will no longer have running water. Fortunately, replacing one of these sensors is a fairly affordable repair to have done, but it will likely require a professional to perform as it can be difficult to reach the sensor in the tank to replace it.

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