Removing Large Amounts Of Rock With Precision Blasting

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Working on a large scale construction project like a road or bridge can sometimes require the contractor to remove a large amount of road from the site. In some cases, the rock can be dug up and removed, but when you are dealing with a large area of solid rock, there needs to be a way to remove it from your path -- and digging it up is not an option.

Considering The Options

If you are looking for a way to get the rock out of your way, you could try and use pneumatic hammers on large excavators or other heavy equipment, but the fact is, removing the rock that way is going to take weeks or months to do. The project can take a toll on the equipment and the operators, and it can put the project behind, costing money that you may not have budgeted. The most obvious answer is to blast the rock out of the way, but even better is to use a contractor that can precisely remove the rock, leaving you a path through it and some rock to clean up and remove. Blasting companies like 3 - Rivers, Inc., Drilling & Blasting offer this service.

Precision Blasting

When a blasting contractor comes in to remove the rock for you, they will assess the material and decide how best to proceed. You will need to take direction from them until their part of the job is complete because they are working with explosives and safety of the site is critical. The most common method involves drilling holes deep in the rock then placing explosives in the hole and setting them off. If they are placed properly, the rock will shear off right at the line when the charge is detonated, leaving you a pile of rock to remove and not a lot more. This type of blasting requires a good deal of math, knowledge of the rock, and an expertise that is learned over years of doing it.

What Can Go Wrong?

Anytime you are dealing with explosives, there is an inherent danger of something going wrong. If the boreholes are not the right depth, the charge is not correct for the material, or the ground is unstable, blasting may not work properly the first time around. If this is the case, the contractor may need to set off a second charge to complete the job, but if you are working with a professional that has years of experience, the likelihood of this happening is very low. If you are not sure who to work with for a job like this, ask around and see who other people have used and what their level of success was. You can also interview contractors for the job before you hire anyone. Take your time, get a professional, and get the job done right the very first time, not after several attempts to blast the rock free.


24 March 2018

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