Preparing For Fence Trenching

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The installation of a fence is straightforward, but it can create a temporary upheaval (no pun intended) in your yard. Preparing your yard and ensuring the work will not affect others is essential. Your existing plants and property boundaries, as well as yard security, all deserve attention before the work starts.

Property Lines

You have to be absolutely sure that the new fence will not encroach on your neighbor's property. Your house's deed or property plans kept on file with your city or county building permit office (or a similar office -- the name can vary from place to place) should show property boundaries. Your lot may also have markers at each corner that a landscaping company can locate.

You should also warn your neighbors about the work. You do not want your fence to destroy their landscaping; if it turns out that their plants might be affected, then you should work out an agreement with them to help replace their plants.

Protecting Plants

Always ask the fencing company about how the trenching will affect the roots of plants you have near the new fence line in your own yard. Shallow-rooted shrubs whose roots don't extend that far out could be just fine, but trees and larger bushes could end up with root damage if they aren't removed. A good trenching or landscaping company will be able to tell you what needs to be removed before a fence goes in. Remember that you can't place your fence on your neighbor's property, so if the property lines bring the fence right up against a plant or two, you need to modify the plants, not the fence.

Routes in and Out

The landscapers need to access the yard, of course, which shouldn't be a problem if you're placing a complete fence around a currently open yard. However, if you are replacing part of an existing fence, and the route there has a gate that is locked, you need to decide how the workers will access the rest of the yard. You could just leave the gate unlocked, which should work for most people. But in areas with lots of trespassing or theft, you may need to be home on the days the fence work is in progress, or you may need to entrust the company with a key to the gate. Another option is to install a smart lock on the gate if you can find a battery-only model (many smart locks are wired into a home's electrical system, with a battery for backup).

The trenching shouldn't take that long unless your yard has some prominent obstacles, like solid clay soil. But even then, the company should be able to give you a relatively good idea of when the work will be done. Once that's over, you'll be able to enjoy your yard in peace. For more information, contact your local fence trenching services.


5 May 2018

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