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You may not know your roof has a problem until rainwater starts pouring through the new hole in your ceiling. A leak might not even represent the worst scenario. Imagine coming home to discover the roof outright collapsed. How can you stop a growing problem, however, if you don't know the signs of roof wear and tear? Hire a roofing contractor capable of performing a full inspection. Move quickly on contacting the contractor if many years have passed without an inspection. And properly plan out the actions to take after the inspection. This way, appropriate steps can be immediately taken before the weather gets worse.

The Past-Due Inspection

Learning the DIY approach to check your roof twice a year for potential problems can be helpful. If no inspection has been performed in many years, the DIY approach probably isn't feasible. Call on a roofing contractor to assess the damage. Also, work out the following steps with the contractor:

Determine a Timetable for a Roof Replacements: If the roof turns out to be in a terrible state, can the roofing contractor install a new roof quickly? The contractor may be booked in the days after an inspection though. Installing a new roof on your home might not be able to commence for, say, two weeks. Always determine how much time you would be required to wait prior to the replacement work. This way, you can take certain precautions if need be.

Check the Upcoming Weather: In mild weather, the roofer may suggest that the replacement job can wait. If no rain or snow appears impending, then the rafters, ceiling, and walls in the home won't be at risk for added water exposure. Ask the contractor what further problems can be expected during impending bad weather. Maybe you should move out during bad weather and even kill the power in certain rooms.

Perform a Quick Preventive Fix: Even though a "patch job" won't serve as a permanent solution, see if the roofer can fix any obvious holes or leaks. Depending on the roofer's assessment, this quick fix could alleviate immediate hazards until installing the new roof.

Ascertain the Safety of the Roof: Unfortunately, severely rotted rafters might lead to the roof collapsing under its own weight regardless of the weather. Make sure you receive a proper assessment of the roof's condition.

Don't Wait to Call a Contractor

Don't take the attitude "I'll wait until after the cold winter or the busy summer" is over before requesting a roof inspection. How do you know it is safe to delay an overdue inspection? You don't. So, don't delay the inspection any longer.

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24 June 2018

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