Hardwood Floor Care Tips And Answers

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Hardwood is easily one of the most popular types of flooring for both homes and businesses. This material can be extremely durable while also coming in a range of colors and types. Despite being extremely popular, individuals can find that they are ill-suited to the task of performing basic maintenance on this flooring material.

Are There Steps For Preventing Pet Claws From Damaging The Hardwood?

Pets can be extremely damaging to hardwood flooring due to their claws. Over time, your pet's claws will start to scuff the hardwood. This can leave noticeable marks in it while also damaging the protective finish. Keeping your pet's claws trimmed is the best protection against this type of wear. In addition to this, you can also use hardwood floor epoxy to act as a protective layer between the hardwood and your pet's claws. This layer will not be impervious to scratches, but it will be able to reduce the risk of this damage occurring.

What Is Causing Dark Spots To Form On The Hardwood?

Dark spots on your hardwood floor can ruin its appearance. In many instances, these spots can be developing below the finish. This most often is the result of moisture damage that has allowed mold or rot to form beneath the finish. Preventing this damage will require you to avoid exposing the hardwood to large amounts of moisture. In particular, you may want to avoid mopping the floors. Rather sweeping or vacuuming can be the safer option. Once these spots have formed, they will be permanent unless you have the hardwood floor refinished.

What Happens When You Have Your Hardwood Floor Refinished?

During the process of applying a new finish to a hardwood floor, the first step in this process will be to thoroughly sand the flooring. This is done to remove the previous finished as the new coating will be unable to adhere to the wood if the old finish is still on it. After the new finish is applied, it will need to thoroughly dry before the furniture and other items can be put on it. This can take up to an entire to finish. Additionally, you may want to have fans or other devices to improve ventilation so that the smell from this work will be dissipated as quickly as possible.

Will A Recently Finished Hardwood Floor Require Special Care Or Maintenance?

After the hardwood finish as dried and cured, you will be able to care for the floor as you would any other. This will include regularly dusting the floor, protecting it from moisture damage and using rugs to minimize the direct foot traffic the busiest areas of the floor will experience.

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