3 Ways To Protect Your Home From Marauding Wildlife

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Now that spring is here, homeowners all across the country are welcoming in the season by getting their homes, yards, and gardens ready for the warm season. You're undoubtedly looking forward to spending more time outdoors and getting closer to nature. However, spring is also the time when wildlife starts to look for places to build nests and raise their young, and if your outdoor living environment screams easy pickings, you find yourself a little closer to nature than you'd like. Wildlife can carry disease, damage property, and pose threats to domestic pets and children. 

Fortunately, strategies exist designed to help homeowners protect their families, pets, and property from marauding wildlife. Following are three of them. 

Keep Trash Cans in the Garage

Most wildlife are initially attracted to certain properties because of easily accessed trash cans. Keeping them safely stored in the garage, enclosed porch, or other out-of-the-way area where wildlife can't reach and only taking them out on trash pickup day eliminates the majority of the temptation. If wildlife is exceptionally persistent in your neighborhood, you may want to invest in animal-proof trash cans so that your garbage doesn't end up strewn all over the street before your trash collection service arrives. 

Eliminate Food and Water Sources

Feeding domestic pets outdoors is one of the surest ways to attract unexpected visitors in the form of hungry wildlife. If you must feed your pets outdoors, make sure food isn't left in their dishes, especially overnight. If your pets spend time in your yard during the day, you'll naturally want to provide them with a water source, but be sure to bring it in at night. Also, clean up thoroughly after outdoor cookouts in your yard, and if your children cool off using a wading pool on hot days, be sure to drain it after the day's fun is over. 

Get Your Chimney Services and Put a Cap on It 

One of the last thing most homeowners want to deal with is a family of skunks or raccoons setting up housekeeping in their chimneys. A common response to this is to try to smoke the animals out, but wildlife experts do not recommend this strategy. Wildlife often mistake chimneys for natural habitat, and they sometimes even get stuck in them with no ability to escape. A wiser course of action is to pay for professional chimney service in the spring and capped so that opportunistic animals won't be able to get inside in the first place. 


28 April 2019

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