Are You Creating An Outdoor Patio?

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During the summer months, did you miss having an outdoor patio? Maybe you entertained friends and family members outdoors, but you simply used your lawn for your grill and for seated meals. Have you decided to use these cooler months to create an outdoor patio so you'll be ready for next spring and summer's entertaining? 

If that's the case, have you already established a design plan for your outdoor patio? If not, from finding masonry company services for the patio's foundation to selecting the other patio decor, here are some ideas that might help you.

Masonry Company Services

The best place to start with your outdoor patio design is to find a company that provides masonry services, such as G.H. Erickson & Son. You will find professionals who can advise you on the best flooring to have in your new patio. For example, the mason might suggest that you have a unique brick design or a flagstone design for the patio floor. Both of those choices are affordable and will last for a very long time. In addition, they'll be super easy to care for.

Another idea for your patio floor would be to select a cement foundation and then have it faux painted. The masonry company will more than likely have skilled artisans who can do the faux painting for you if you're uncomfortable doing it yourself. For example, maybe you'd like the look of a pebble road. Or, perhaps you'd love to have the look of expensive Mexican tile. Those designs can be done by a professional faux painter.

Additional Decor Ideas

For something very unique, consider having the same masonry company create a concrete table and concrete benches. A round table would be a great choice because everybody will be face-to-face, making conversation a lot easier. If you're concerned that the concrete benches will be uncomfortable, of course you can buy seat cushions that will add comfort and interest to the patio design.

Think of other decor that will add pizzaz to the outdoor patio. For example, would you like the patio to be under a pergola? Maybe a colorful, striped awning would be more to your liking. Either way, don't forget things like colorful pots that can later be filled with different types of plants. An outdoor water fountain for your tabletop might be a nice touch, too. 

If there's enough space, think of placing a bench swing in the patio area, too. A hammock would also be nice.


8 October 2019

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