Three Reasons Why Limestone Is Most Common In Construction

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Limestone was used for decades to build everything from railroad platforms to house and building foundations. Its naturally hard and compact configuration makes it ideal for sturdy structures. Limestone is still quarried and used in construction today, and here is why it is the most common stone used in construction today. 

Nearly Every State Has a Limestone Quarry

Limestone was formed when layers of sediment settled to the bottom of a massive body of water. These bodies of water may have dried up, but the sediments stayed, dried out, and hardened over time. A lot of limestone has also perfectly preserved all of the sea creatures that were trapped in its layers and died there, making it easy to determine when the limestone was formed. Every state that was ever completely underwater or partially underwater during the Earth's history has a limestone quarry, making it one of the most common types of stone to be quarried. 

Limestone "Plates" Are Hard to Break

Some older skyscrapers are made from limestone "plates," or thin slabs of this type of stone. Even cut in this fashion, the limestone does not break easily, and it holds the test of time very well (as seen in its many archaeological forms). Such techniques are in use to build lots of other structures using limestone "plates" because the plates will hold up so well. 

It Is Inexpensive to Use in Construction

Not surprisingly, the more common a type of stone is, and the more readily it can be quarried, the less expensive it is. Given that limestone is common, easy to find, readily available, and holds up over time, it is far less expensive and significantly more desirable than most other types of stone used in construction. There are also several different sub-types of limestone that can be more or less decorative, depending on how it is cut, polished, and treated. With the savings of using limestone over something more expensive, you can do a lot more to and with this type of stone when you use it in constructing your next building or house. 

Specifying Limestone Prior to Construction

In most cases, your contractor will automatically choose limestone when you want a stone foundation or stone building. It is best to double-check with him/her to make sure that is his/her plan. If he/she is leaning toward quartzite or soapstone instead, you may have to specially request the limestone. 

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18 December 2019

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