Hit By A Summer Storm? Important Reasons To Contact A Roofing Contractor

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The condition of any home's roof is critical to the safety and value of the entire house. A well-designed roof protects the walls and foundation, as well as helping to insulate the interior living spaces and shielding the occupants and contents of the home from the elements. 

But even the most well-designed roof is at the mercy of sudden storms capable of causing both immediate damage and future condition issues. If your home is hit by a strong storm this summer, the following information will help you understand why you should contact a reputable roofing contractor as soon as possible. 

When visible damage exists

The most obvious reason to contact a roofing contractor immediately after any serious summer storm event it when visible damage has occurred. Homeowners who find missing or damaged shingles, bent or damaged metal roofing panels, or other obvious signs of roof damage will want to have the problem addressed quickly to prevent leaks and water damage to other parts of the home. 

It is also wise to have the roof checked by a roofing contractor in instances where tree limbs or other debris has impacted the surface of the roof during the storm. Points of impact may not immediately show visible damage but can weaken areas that will be prone to the formations of leaks in the months after the storm event. 

When hail was involved

Another pressing reason to contact a roofing contractor is when hail falls as part of the storm. Hail stones are capable of causing extensive damage to shingles and other roof coatings that can seriously degrade their condition and shorten their life span. Even brief periods of hail during a storm can increase the potential for roof damage that can be difficult to detect without proper training. 

When documentation may be needed at a later date

Homeowners who take the initiative to have their roof inspected after any potentially damaging summer storm event can find it easier to file later roof repair and replacement claims with their home insurance company. As part of the inspection process, the roofing contractor will assess the overall condition of the roof and provide their experienced opinion on its lifespan and any specific repair or replacement issues. 

Homeowners who obtain this type of inspection report and provide it to their home insurance company are helping to document the date when potential damage may have occurred in case covered repairs or replacement is needed at a later date. 

To learn even more about summer storm damage to your home's roof, take time to discuss your situation with a reputable roofing contractor like Par One Construction, Inc.


13 July 2020

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