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Removing Large Amounts Of Rock With Precision Blasting

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Working on a large scale construction project like a road or bridge can sometimes require the contractor to remove a large amount of road from the site. In some cases, the rock can be dug up and removed, but when you are dealing with a large area of solid rock, there needs to be a way to remove it from your path -- and digging it up is not an option.

24 March 2018

Time To Repave Your Driveway? How To Care For Your New Asphalt

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If your asphalt driveway is looking worse-for-wear, it might be time to have it repaved. One of the benefits of repaving is that it's less expensive than paying for a whole new driveway. In most cases, your driveway can be repaved in just a day or two, which means you won't need to deal with a lengthy inconvenience. Once you have your driveway repaved, you want to make sure you take steps to prevent premature wear-and-tear.

12 February 2018

Stopping The Water From Seeping Into Your Basement Once And For All

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The extra space that the basement has in your home can be very useful if you are looking for a way to make increase the square footage in your home without the cost of an addition or hassle of construction. But if you have water seeping in through the foundation, that added space may not be much of an asset, making the space usable may not be as difficult as you think and there are many contractors that specialize in this kind of work that can take care of the issue pretty quickly.

3 January 2018

Common Problems Your Well Pump May Experience

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Submersible pumps are extremely common ways of extracting the water from a well. When one of these pumps encounters a serious problem, it could cause your home to lose its source of water. Unfortunately, there can be a number of problems that these pumps will experience that can prevent them from being able to provide your home with water, and you will want to know more about some of the more common reasons that the pump may fail.

25 November 2017

Gutters Keep Filling Up With Leaves? Tips On Using Gutter Guards

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If your gutters keep filling up with leaves, this can be frustrating as it will take up a lot of your time. These leaves can also damage your roof if not cleaned out. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep the leaves out, including installing gutter guards. Below is more information about this so you can get started. Gutter Guards These guards snap over your current gutter to cover them up.

24 October 2017

Flooded Houses & Pipes: 3 Common Plumbing Problems That Cause Costly Water Damage

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As the weather becomes wetter, your home is more susceptible to water damage from flooding and leaks. Issues with household plumbing are the most common cause of flooding and water damage, which can include backflow during heavy rains and leaking pipes. To ensure you have the best protection from flooding and water damage, here are some of the common plumbing problems and how you can avoid them: 1. Drainage & Heavy Rains That Flood Your Home

28 August 2017

Five Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Old Garage Doors

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Have you looked at your aging garage doors lately and vowed to replace them? Once you have your doors replaced all you have to do is trash the old ones. Or, maybe you have an eclectic eye, and with your creative juices flowing, thought that repurposing those doors would be a fun little project while also adding a uniquely rustic element to your household. Either way, discarding those timeless relics would be quite the shame, especially when there are so many creative ways to incorporate them into your yard or house.

2 August 2017

Want To Put A Commercial Property In The Country? What To Know

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If you are looking to build a commercial property out in a township or low populated area, and you aren't sure if you can get the building you want to have approved, you want to start the process. You want to find out what areas are zoned for commercial use, what areas could be rezoned for your benefit, and what will go into getting the building constructed. Here are some of the things that you want to consider and look into before you start the process of construction.

11 July 2017

Odor Issues Leaving Your Clothing In A Funk? Check Out These Potential Problems With Your Washing Machine

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Splished and splashed, washed and spun, rinsed and repeated–after all of this, you fully expect your clothing to smell great once it comes out of the wash cycle. Unfortunately for some washing machine owners, fresh is the last thing that comes to mind when their clothing comes out of the cycle. In fact, the odor coming from their clothes is pretty rank. If your clothing smells like some kind of funk after a trip through the washer, there is a pretty good chance something down and dirty is going on.

27 December 2016

Tips For Replacing Broken Stucco On Your Home's Exterior

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If the stucco coating on the exterior of your family's home has developed a large crack or hole, then it is vital that you repair it quickly. Neglecting to repair the damaged stucco will result in additional water damage to your home from winter storms. Thankfully, patching stucco is a simple process as long as you follow the directions on the package of stucco mix that you purchase. In addition, here are some time-tested tips to help you make this necessary repair to the outside of your home:

1 December 2016