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Troubleshooting Furnace Electrical Issues

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Not all furnace trouble is created equal. Most homeowners are equipped to change a filter or figure out and repair minor issues with the thermostat. The problem is when an electric furnace begins blowing fuses in your breaker box. The following can help you diagnose the cause of the electrical problem and decide whether it's time to bring out a professional. Issue #1: Overheating A clogged filter is the most common cause for overheating in your furnace.

20 April 2016

2 Tips To Help Maintain Your Hot Water Heater

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Your hot water heater is arguably one of the most important appliances in your home.  However, some people don't pay very much attention to their hot water heater until they step into the shower, only to find that the water won't get hot.  This is a mistake since it can cost more than $1,200 dollars to have your water heater replaced if it goes out.  Don't wait until it's too late; use this information to learn more about what you can start doing right away to maintain your hot water heater for the long haul.

6 April 2016

Tips For Using A Masonry Saw To Install Quartz Tiles On Your Home's Kitchen Counters

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If you would like to replace the builder grade laminate countertops in your home with quartz countertops but the high cost and professional-only installation requirements keep them out of your budget, then you will be happy to learn that you can install quartz tiles yourself instead. Quartz tiles have the same damage and heat resistant properties that you like in a quartz counter, but they are small enough to lift, cut, and install yourself using a rented wet masonry saw.

6 April 2016

How To Use Construction Propane Heaters To Save Employees From Frostbite Or Hypothermia

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Working construction in cold weather is rough work. You need to feel where pipes, wood and fasteners meet, but you cannot take your gloves off for very long to accomplish the task. In addition to these dangers, building boathouses and docks on the edges of and in frigid waters is a recipe for frostbite and/or hypothermia. If you have propane heaters (the kind you use for keeping concrete warm) on your job site, you may have exactly what you need to save someone's life or livelihood in the event of frostbite and hypothermia.

13 March 2016

Warning Signs That Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced

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Your furnace is a pretty expensive appliance in your home. You need to keep it well maintained if you want it to continue to work properly and efficiently year after year. Part of furnace maintenance is paying special attention to odd noises and other things that are out of the ordinary - ignoring warning signs can lead to bigger and costlier issues. See below for some warning signs you should look out for with your furnace.

17 February 2016

Medicine Cabinets: Which Style Works Best For Your Home's Design?

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Medicine cabinets have been around for years, some of them being just plain wooden or metal boxes attached to the wall to serve the one purpose: to hold bottles of aspirin, boxes of bandages and other first aid items. In the past, a medicine box was more like a glorified first aid kit rather than a functional decorative addition. However, today, many styles of medicines are available for you to choose from, each one offering the same storage functionality.

28 January 2016

Learn How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal In Good Working Order

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If you are like most homeowners, you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. This garbage disposal can be a very helpful appliance, but it can also cause you problems if you don't take proper care of it. This article will educate you on maintaining it and what you can do if you begin experiencing problems with it. Routine maintenance In order to keep your garbage disposal working, you want to make sure you prevent it from getting damaged by food particles that can get trapped in the moving parts.

21 January 2016

3 Possible Reasons Why Your Family Isn't Drinking Enough Water

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You probably know that you and the others in your household should drink more water. However, you might have never really put any thought into why your family doesn't drink as much water as it should. These are three possible reasons why -- and a few tips to make changes.  1. It Doesn't Taste Good If your water doesn't taste good, you probably aren't going to drink it. Even if your water tastes normal to you, it might not taste good to your kids, who can have more sensitive palates.

8 January 2016

Too Much Moisture: How To Find And Prevent Moisture Damage In Your Basement

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You might not know this but moisture can damage your basement. Even a small amount can invite mold growth, cause paint to peel and it can even lead to wood rot. Unfortunately, moisture can be tough to find. You might not realize you have a problem with moisture until the damage is done. Here's a simple way to tell if you have a moisture problem, as well as some easy-to-follow ways to prevent moisture damage in your basement.

18 December 2015

Things To Ask The Roofing Contractor During An Inspection

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Putting a new roof on your home is a big investment, so you want to get the most mileage for your money. You might get by with a partial new roof, or by putting new shingles over old ones. If your roof still has a few years of life left in it, you may want to make repairs rather than put on a new roof. You'll have some important decisions to make.

2 December 2015