Too Much Moisture: How To Find And Prevent Moisture Damage In Your Basement

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You might not know this but moisture can damage your basement. Even a small amount can invite mold growth, cause paint to peel and it can even lead to wood rot. Unfortunately, moisture can be tough to find. You might not realize you have a problem with moisture until the damage is done. Here's a simple way to tell if you have a moisture problem, as well as some easy-to-follow ways to prevent moisture damage in your basement.

18 December 2015

Things To Ask The Roofing Contractor During An Inspection

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Putting a new roof on your home is a big investment, so you want to get the most mileage for your money. You might get by with a partial new roof, or by putting new shingles over old ones. If your roof still has a few years of life left in it, you may want to make repairs rather than put on a new roof. You'll have some important decisions to make.

2 December 2015

Frameless Shower Doors: Is This Trend Right For Your Home?

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One of the biggest trends in bathroom design is frameless shower doors. Unlike traditional framed doors, which feature metal edges to support rather weak, thin glass, frameless shower doors are made of thicker, tempered glass and do not need the support of a frame. While trendy, these doors are not for every home. Take a look at these advantages and disadvantages to help determine if a frameless shower door is right for you.

13 November 2015

Four Tips To Combine Sprinklers And Drip Irrigation To Water Your Landscaping

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If you want to have greener solutions to water your lawn, your irrigation systems may need updating. You can do things like combine drip irrigation with traditional sprinklers and add smart controllers. In addition, you may want to consider adding rain collection or grey water irrigation systems. Here are some tips to help you make your sprinkler system more efficient by combining different irrigation solutions: 1. Choosing The Best Areas To Use Sprinklers

27 October 2015

Walk-In Tubs: A Quick Installation Guide To Make Your Elderly Parent's Bathroom Safe

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As your elderly parents age, you'll want to make sure that they stay as safe as possible in their home as their physical abilities decline. One area of the home that is particularly dangerous is the bathroom. Eliminating this risk involves removing the old tub and replacing it with a walk-in tub. A walk-in tub allows the elderly to open a door and step into the tub instead of climbing over the side of an old bathtub.

13 October 2015

Common HVAC Problems: 4 Issues That Might Be Affecting Your Thermostat


The thermostat on your HVAC system is extremely important. After all, it regulates the temperature of your home and keeps it comfortable year-round. Sometimes, however, it can develop issues that affect how warm or cool your home is. When this happens, you might think that you need your AC or heating unit repaired. However, you might just need to troubleshoot your thermostat. If you believe your thermostat is the reason for your uncomfortable home, these four reasons might be to blame:

22 September 2015

4 Exterior Paint Tips To Add Value To Your Home

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Curb appeal is an important factor whether you're renting or selling your home. People aren't going to come flocking to check out the inside of a house with an outdated or dilapidated exterior. Painting is also usually the last step in construction, which often makes it the most haphazard and rushed part of the process. Here are a few tips to help you keep the outside looking fresh and clean with just a simple coat of paint.

5 September 2015

How Do You Keep A Wool Carpet Clean?

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If you've always had synthetic carpets before, you might have some questions about caring for your new wool carpet. Indeed, there are a few differences between the proper cleaning methods for wool and synthetic carpets, and mistakes made when cleaning wool could lead to shrinkage or frayed, fluffy fibers. Following these cleaning tips will ensure your wool carpet stays clean – and in good shape! Vacuuming The fibers in wool carpets are closer together than those in synthetic carpets.

21 August 2015

Best Products And Methods For Cleaning Tile Grout

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Tile cleaning is tricky business, especially when the grout between the tiles become stained or moldy (as it is often does). Many homeowners waste hours trying to get their tile and grout clean. These tips will help you clean your tile and grout once and keep it clean. Best Way to Clean Standard Stains on Tile and Grout In many cases, the best product to remove stains from tile grout is oxygen bleach—a non-toxic, color-safe chemical that will remove stains without bleaching the tiles or grout itself, and without producing harsh fumes in your home.

7 August 2015

The Benefits of Sealcoating the Parking Lot of Your Business

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If you own your own business, you have a lot of things to take care of every day in order to keep your business afloat. It can be easy to forget about smaller details, like the condition of your business parking lot. However, the condition of your business parking lot is really not something you should overlook. Here are top two benefits you will experience by sealcoating your parking lot and keeping it in prime condition.

28 July 2015